Guinea First Lithium company registered under the Republic of Guinea law, West Africa. It is going to focused on critical minerals research and development mainly lithium and cobalt to substantially contribute for raw materials production on which the technological revolution depends. Our goal is to set up the first lithium plant in Guinea for green energy production. The company is going to focus on lithium, cobalt, nickel or graphite minerals research and development for world decarbonization and sustainability.

Services Overview

- Research and Development in oil, gas, mining, energy, environment & biodiversity, and Climate change
- Extractives resources governance and Economic development.
- Infrastructures development,
- Local content and Community management
- Fiscal regimes design and getting good deals
- Contract development and revenue management
- GIS and mapping …

Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Gold, Diamond

Contact Us

Guinea First Lithium Company Ltd
Address: Kaloum, Conakry – Guinea
Tel. +224 624 19 84 98
Email : contact.info@guinea-firstlithium.com
Website: www.guinea-firstlithium.com

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